The Best Fully Automatic Coffee Machines for 2021 Reviews

The Best Fully Automatic Coffee Machines for 2021 Reviews

Have you been trying to find the best fully automatic coffee machine that provides amazing performance?

In the next few segments, I reviewed six of the best models that are currently up for sale. Check them out, compare the features they have to offer, and choose the best one.

Best Fully Automatic Coffee Machines

1. Colet Espresso Machine

This coffee machine allows you to choose whether you want to brew coffee using a pre-ground fine coffee powder or coarse grounds. Its built-in grinder provides a very powerful and efficient grinding performance to ensure that you can always use your favorite coffee.

You won’t have any trouble adjusting the performance of this best fully automatic coffee machine according to your likings. It features a simple touch display that allows you to easily set the desired operating mode. Once set, the machine will automatically start and provide great results in a very short time.

The best thing about this programmable single-serve coffee maker is that it comes with a powerful 19 bar Italian pump. It will extract all delicious flavors and coffee oils from the beans or the grounds you use, and provide amazing results with every single use.

Because of its specially designed double Thermo block system, this machine provides an efficient heating performance. As a result, you will be able to have a delicious brew waiting for you in just a few minutes.


  • Designed to brew versatile beverages
  • Touch display with different functions
  • Features a built-in coffee grinder
  • A 19 bar Italian pressure extraction pump
  • Comes with a double Thermo block system
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • A simple dismountable brewing unit

2. Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine

Out of all listed models, I reviewed in this post, this stainless steel coffee maker is the only coffee machine that features a commercial-grade design. It is entirely made out of durable material that provides it with exceptional quality. It is the perfect choice for professional environments.

No need to worry about the amount of coffee you need to add to achieve the best results. The integrated grinder automatically grinds, doses the freshly ground coffee, and tamps it inside the portafilter. It ensures the optimal taste of every single brew the machine provides.

The specially designed OPV (over pressure valve) limits the overall extraction pressure during the brewing process. This is a great thing because it prevents the bitter flavor of your coffee. It creates low pressure in the beginning and increases it gradually to ensure that all coffee gets evenly saturated.

This best fully automatic coffee machine also features a powerful milk frothing wand. It automatically texturizes the milk according to your likings and provides delicious lattes, cappuccinos, etc. Most importantly, it uses high-pressure steam that self-cleans the inside of the frother.


  • Highly durable high-quality design
  • Stainless steel commercial-grade construction
  • Built-in automatic touch display
  • Powerful grinder with dose control system
  • Specially designed overpressure valve
  • Frothing wand with microfoam texturing

3. Krups EA8250 Espresso Machine

This is another grind and brew coffee maker that is made for versatile use. It will allow you to brew the most delicious espresso, rich coffee, creamy cappuccinos, etc. You can even use its frothing wand as a hot water dispenser to make tea or hot chocolate.

Because of its patented thermoblock technology, this best fully automatic coffee machine will provide a very quick heating performance. It also ensures the perfect temperature and duration of the brewing cycle to ensure that it always provides the best results.

This best fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine also comes with a metallic conical grinder that provides consistent results when it comes to the size of the coffee grounds. The best thing is that you can adapt its performance manually to ensure that the results it provides fit your needs.

Included with this 15 bar espresso machine comes a large bean hopper. It is specially designed to ensure that the grounds you add to it remain perfectly fresh just like on the day you put them inside it.


  • Specially made for versatile use
  • Highly efficient thermoblock system
  • Powerful 15 bar pressure extraction
  • A metallic conical burr coffee grinder
  • Large sealed coffee bean hopper

4. De’Longhi Magnifica Espresso Machine

Since this coffee maker comes in a bit more space-saving, compact size, you’ll easily find the perfect place for it inside your kitchen. The best thing is that you can also store it away if you need that additional counter space.

The important thing worth mentioning is that this coffee machine with a milk frother allows you to completely customize its performance. The coffee machine “remembers” specific details such as the cup size and the strength of the brew you usually make.

This best fully automatic coffee machine provides you with the option of brewing twin cycles at the same time. This is a great thing because it ensures that you can make two cups of coffee at the same time. It can come in very handy especially when you have company.

The manual milk frother that comes with the machine also provides a very powerful frothing performance. As a result, you will be able to make perfectly texturized foam for delicious lattes, cappuccinos, and other beverages you like.


  • A highly practical compact design
  • Completely customizable performance
  • Provides a twin brewing cycle option
  • Comes with a powerful manual frother

5. Espressione 8212S Espresso Machine

Compared to the rest of these models. this espresso coffee maker features a bit slimmer profile. This means that it will take up very little of your kitchen space and you won’t have any trouble storing it away when needed.

Another great feature of this best fully automatic espresso machine is its elegant touch control panel. It comes top mounted on the machine to ensure that you can easily access it from every position. To activate any function that the machine provides you only need to touch the designated control key.

Keep in mind that this best fully automatic coffee machine also provides a very powerful performance. It uses a 19 bar extraction pressure to capture all the delicious flavors and oils from the coffee grounds you use during the brewing process.

The included coffee grinder is made out of durable stainless steel material that ensures its exceptional quality and lasting performance. It provides you with five different grinding settings. Most importantly, it is very quiet. It produces noise of around 70 decibels.


  • Features a bit slimmer profile
  • Elegant top-mounted touch control panel
  • Powerful 19 bar extraction pressure
  • Thermoblock system for precise brewing control
  • Provides a very simple frothing mechanism
  • Stainless steel low noise coffee grinder

6. Philips 3200 Espresso Machine

This espresso machine with a built-in grinder comes with a user-friendly control panel. It features simple touch controls that allow you to choose what kind of coffee you want to make with a simple touch of a finger. This is what makes it the best latte machine for beginners.

Another thing worth mentioning is that this best fully automatic coffee machine for home allows you to customize its performance. You can choose the perfect aroma strength and the brewing temperature between the three levels that the machine offers.

Once you set the desired brewing cycle, this best fully automatic coffee machine will automatically start. Most importantly, it will provide great results in a very short time. You will have a delicious cup ready to serve in only a few minutes.

Because of its design, you won’t have to spend too much time cleaning this coffee machine. It even comes with a water filter that minimizes the need for descaling. Make sure that you clean the drip tray and the frother after each use to prevent bacterial build-up.


  • Simple user-friendly touch control panel
  • Provides customizable brewing settings
  • 12-step adjustable grinding performance
  • Highly efficient brewing performance
  • Very easy to clean and maintain

Buying Guide

The best fully automatic coffee machines I reviewed in this post, will provide very powerful performance. More importantly, they will provide versatile features that will make your experience much more enjoyable. Here are few things you should consider before you choose the best model.

Fully Automatic Performance

All listed models will provide you with completely automatic performance. This means that you only need to add your preferred kind of coffee and set the desired mode. Once you do that, the coffee machine will do the rest.

User-Friendly Features

There are some features you can look for when purchasing a coffee machine. For instance, coffee makers with a timer will allow you to program the exact time when you want the machine to brew a cup up to several hours in advance.

Customizable Performance

Always make sure that the automatic latte machine you like provides customizable performance. This means that you can adjust its brewing temperature, aroma strength, brewing time, etc. according to your likings and needs. All listed models come with versatile features that make their performance much more enjoyable.

Extraction Pump

Another thing you need to consider is the extraction pressure the coffee machine uses during the brewing process. The higher the pressure is the more oils and coffee flavors the machine will be able to extract from the beans you use.

Cleaning Requirements

Most of the best fully automatic coffee machines, I reviewed above, require a very low maintenance level. However, make sure that you always clean the exterior of the machine and all its parts thoroughly. That way the machine will have a much longer lifespan.


The best fully automatic coffee machine is the Colet Espresso Machine. It allows you to choose whether you want to brew coffee with coffee grounds or a pre-ground coffee powder. Additionally, it comes with a powerful 19 bar Italian pump that extracts all delicious flavors from the coffee. As a result, you will get a delicious cup of your favorite beverage with every single use. Find out more about the best super-automatic espresso machines under $1000 and choose the best automatic espresso machine with a milk frother.

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