Wake Your Mind Up

Wake Your Mind Up

First of all, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to not only check us out, but also read (and hopefully continue to enjoy) our blog–unless you’re in one great big wormhole of clicking and somehow wound up here, either way, thanks!

So, London Coffee Network.

When I graduated college with my journalism degree, I never would have thought that it would somehow direct me into embarking on one helluva caffeinated path towards beginning my own cold brew company, but, here we are.

In the spring of 2012, after years of having my degree seemingly do nothing but collect dust and debt while my college job unknowingly transitioned into a full-time job, I decided the only way to actually force myself to use that fancy diploma that said I was prettay, prettay, prettay good at writing words, was to quit my job cold-turkey.

I told myself that if I quit, I would have no other choice than to focus 100% on writing. Fool proof. Not really, but hey, it sounded good at the time.

While at school, one of my creative writing professors taught us that, one of the best ways to develop a story is to just make a collection of observations. Just sit down somewhere and do nothing but watch, observe, and then put those visions to words on paper and make your own characters. So, that’s what I did. Or, what I thought I was doing.

During this time, my favorite “observing” areas were always coffee shops. For starters, local coffee shops have such a revolving door of people, you’re bound to get some good material for your stories box. That, and well, if you’re ever going to sit somewhere by yourself sitting idly with a notebook or laptop without anyone judging you like you’re some sort of weirdo, it’s for sure a coffee shop.

It was here that I found and developed a growing passion for cold brew coffee. I’d like to say the amount of time I spent in coffee shops was to hone my writing skills, but it was definitely becoming more and more evident it was about the coffee, as I found myself doing less writing and more sipping.

As writing jobs began to come few and far between, within a few weeks of quitting I quickly found myself with another accidental full-time job that wasn’t writing. The writing may have stopped, but the love for cold brew coffee did not. At the displeasure to most of my friends that, just didn’t get it, I became the coffee snob of the group.

The coffee shop visits progressed into coffee expos and festivals around NYC and Brooklyn, as well as trying every version of cold brew that I possibly could not only on Long Island, but everywhere I traveled. From Charlotte, NC to Rincon, PR, if there was a mom-and-pop coffee shop with cold brew; I was trying it.

Slowly but surely, I started to “take my work home with me” and my kitchen began to acquire every cold brew device on the market. It was here that my natural love for creating and cooking took over and I began to tinker with different recipes and methods of cold brewing on a daily basis.

After a few years of cold brewing as a hobby, in mid-2019 the burning thought began in my head that I could turn this into a career–either that or it was the comical amounts of caffeine in my brain just throwing a wild bean party. After several months of calculated, methodical, and absolutely just wingin’ it steps, London Coffee Network. was born in the spring of 2021.

Wake Your Mind Up. It’s not just our slogan; but our way of life. Far too often are we too busy reflecting about the past, or focusing on what the future potentially has in store for us, and neglect the current present.

Our mission is to help all of us wake our minds up from constant dwelling of the ebb and flows of the distant, but focus on the here… one sip at a time.

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